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What We Do: Newsletters

Our quarterly newsletter, Kōlea News from the Conservation Council for Hawai‘i, is mailed to our members and supporters, distributed to elected officials, and given to the interested public on request. It contains interesting information on what we are doing to help protect native Hawaiian plants, animals, and ecosystems for future generations. It includes regular columns about our membership program, from the Executive Director, and the cultural significance of the native plants and animals we defend.

In 2003, we renamed the newsletter (previously Hawai‘i Conserver) to celebrate the Kōlea (Pacific golden-plover). Kōlea fly nonstop to Hawai‘i from Arctic nesting grounds each fall. They feed on insects and other foods, and fatten up for the long return flight by May. Kōlea are one of the most frequently seen native birds in Hawai‘i, faithfully returning to the same habitat year after year.

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Download a PDF of the latest, special issue of Kōlea (Vol. 66,  Issue 4 - Fall 2016; Vol. 67, Issues 1 & 2 -Winter & Spring 2017)

CCH Newsletters Archive

Check out the contents and download PDFs of past issues of Kōlea in our archives

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